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How Much Does MidJourney Cost: Pricing and Plans

Are you interested in using MidJourney, a powerful online platform for project management and collaboration? Understanding the cost associated with it is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the pricing structure of MidJourney, the features included in various plans, and help you get a clear understanding of how much it will cost you to use this platform.

MidJourney Pricing Plans

MidJourney offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs. These are the core plans:

  1. Free Plan: MidJourney provides a free plan with basic features suitable for individuals and small teams.
  2. Starter Plan: The Starter plan is designed for small to medium-sized teams and offers additional features like unlimited projects and file storage.
  3. Business Plan: The Business plan is ideal for larger teams and includes advanced project management features and enhanced security.
  4. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is customizable and tailored to the unique needs of large organizations. It offers advanced collaboration tools, priority support, and more.

How Much Does MidJourney Cost?

The cost of MidJourney varies based on the plan you choose:

  1. Free Plan: This plan is entirely free, making it an excellent option for individuals or small teams on a budget.
  2. Starter Plan: The Starter plan typically costs $12 per user per month. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized teams looking for additional features.
  3. Business Plan: The Business plan is priced at $25 per user per month. It offers advanced project management features and is suitable for larger teams.
  4. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan’s pricing is customizable and depends on the specific needs of your organization. Contact MidJourney for a personalized quote.

What Features Do You Get?

The features included in each plan may vary. Here are some of the features you can expect with MidJourney:

  • Task and Project Management: Track tasks and projects efficiently.
  • File Sharing and Storage: Store and share files seamlessly.
  • Collaboration Tools: Communicate and collaborate with team members.
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: Connect MidJourney with other tools for enhanced productivity.
  • Advanced Security: Protect your data with robust security measures.
  • Customization: Tailor MidJourney to your specific needs.


Q1. Is there a free trial available for the paid plans? A1. MidJourney doesn’t offer a free trial for the paid plans, but there is a free plan available.

Q2. Can I switch between plans at any time? A2. Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed.

Q3. Are there any discounts for annual subscriptions? A3. Yes, you can save on the cost by opting for an annual subscription.

Q4. Can I cancel my subscription at any time? A4. Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and it will be effective at the end of the billing cycle.

Q5. What payment methods are accepted for MidJourney? A5. MidJourney accepts major credit cards and offers secure payment processing.


MidJourney offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate various needs, from free plans for individuals to customizable enterprise plans for large organizations. Understanding the cost, features, and the plan that suits you best is essential for effective project management and collaboration. Whether you’re looking for basic project management or advanced team collaboration, MidJourney has a plan for you.

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